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One of the major concerns with horses that are diagnosed with  IR, Laminitis, Founder, PPID or obesity is how to manage their nutrition. Many times we hear less carbs, less starch, less sugar. What most people do not realize is less carbs can equal less muscle, less starch means less hind gut fiber. The end result is still having an issue with carbs, sugars and starches. Muzzle, Muzzle, Muzzel, dry lot!!!  Our horses end up with crappy hooves, dry coats and they act like they are starving. Without proper balanced nutrition the result can be a super frustrated horse and owner. 

Starches are good. Let me say that again, Starches are good! Horses need them. The key here is...which starch? Huh? Yes, there are 4 different types of starch. 3 of them cause all kinds of problems. However, there is one that will be transferred through digestion into hindgut fiber. When your horse eats this starch it can even be a 34% starch and it will all be digested in the hindgut. This is a starch that will NOT turn into a sugar and screw up your horses life. This is where the Gooseberry Natural Feed Global difference is

Since 2004 I have been teaching this to clients owned by horses. The worst case founder situation can eat our feed and negate the negative affects from poor nutrition. Yes they actually heal and their hoof integrity is ridiculously improved. 

Our horses need starch, carbs, not dry lots, or ulcers from not being able to be a horse. The difference is how their food is designed to create a positive impact and jump start their digestion. Gooseberry teaches you how to manage supplements to create an empowered immune system and digestion that fires up and does its job. Gooseberry re-educates your horses digestion to work as it should. 

Feed should be an immune booster, builder, foundation for the rest of the day. Feed should be working for 4-6 hours helping to protect against ulcers, laminitis, founder. Supplements should be very minimal and assist the 4-6 hours after they have eaten. Feed quantity should be concentrated and 1-4lbs per day. Period. Why? When you add in the actual size of the stomach, plus water, plus saliva you want to aide in the process of digestion. Smooth, flowing process. Not a big ole bulk colic complete with peeing out 90% of the "excess supplements".

Feed should never be based on weight. Feed should be based on metabolism. Always! 

Too many times I see people owned by horses buy 2 types of feed, throw 1/2lb of this feed, 1/2lb of that feed, 17 supplements later they are still having the same problem. Or just straight supplements being thrown in the bucket. That usually guarantees a waste of money, ulcers, and crappy digestion along with a thousand other issues. Read the labels, 9 times out of 10 its the same exact thing in both bags you're feeding from. It's the design and wording that's selling to you. Read that label: says 1/2lb per 100lbs of horse. Not possible to digest all of that in 4-6 hours. 

The Gooseberry feed products are designed to maximize digestion, make your horse happy inside and out. Less down time, excellent quality of hooves, strong muscles and at the core their stomach is always happy!, which makes their brain happy too!!

Well I hope this helped shed some light on the subject. If you have questions or would like an appointment, email or call. Let's see how I can help you and your horse.

~Deb Godlove, ND, DIHom, DVetHom 

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