Gooseberry Natural dewormer - Safe

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4 ounce bottle with dropper. Top dress feed or can be used as one dose oral application with proper syringe.

Safe for Horse, goat, dog, cat, hens, roosters.


GranatumP, Kamala, Chenopodium A., Felxi M, Curcubita P 4x, Cina, Spigella A, Teuc M, Thymol, Nux V, Arsen A 8x, Calc C, Nat M, Ferr P, Allium in a 20% USP Alcohol in purified water.

Covers: round, tape, heart, whipworm, pin, strongylida, Eisenia fetida, small redworms, Cyathostomins, Bot, threadworms, lungworms.

Safe to use daily, quarterly, full moon cycle.